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Are you stuck with an issue that doesn't make sense? We've all been there. With Zebugger you get live support from experienced Engineers, for the days that Stackoverflow doesn't cut it!

An Engineer for each Problem, Question, Bug, Stack.

Regardless of the size of the elephant, we can help you one way or another.


Works on your machine, right? we feel ya. #Call a Zebugger. #k8s #docker #ci/cd #linux #circleci #jenkins #teamcity #gcp #aws


Corners are not round? The important! won't make it through code review. #Cal a Zebugger. #nextjs #react #javascript #html #css #jamStack #jsfJamais


The smart cookie convinced everyone microservice is the way to go, and now it's a big mess. #Call a Zebugger. #springboot #node #java #mvn #gradle #apache #nginx


You need to pick the right platform or tool for your needs? Come over. #Call a Zebugger. #eventDriven #integrations #monitoring #orchestration #performance #tfsec

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Our Community of Zeebuggers keep growing daily!

Experienced Engineers from all Walks of life!

Bruno Bonfim
Co-Founder e CTO at Benu

Leading the engineers at Benu GmbH, Austrian startup valued at 8M Euros in 2022. Experienced in distributed systems and scalability.

Denis Santaterra
Principal Architect, Architecture Manager at CI&T

DevOps & Disruptive Tech Enthusiast, more than 10 years of experience with Software Engineering

Mikko Hyvärinen
CTO & Partner at Priceff

Software engineer with 10 years of experience in software and web development in international teams. Responsible for the entire AWS infrastructure, architecture, design, and leading the dev team at Priceff. Senior Trainer at ESN International

Philipp Himmelfreundpointner
Senior Freelance Software Engineer

Experience with applications in various fields including E-Commerce, Online-Games and Banking. Primary focus on Java and Spring Boot. 10+ years with Angular, Databases, Cloud and DevOps.

Fausto Alves
Senior Frontend Developer at Benu

13 year of experience in web development and 5 years experience with creation. Co-fundaded 2 companies in the Tech & Communication industry, lead tech teams up to 15 members.

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